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Beard Transplant in Turkey, Istanbul

Beard Transplant in Turkey

Beard transplant is named by plastic surgeon for the operation to eliminate the problem arising from the lack of density and hair on the beard area. In the beard transplantation process, the grafts taken from the person are relocated to the problematic area in the beard. Thanks to the beard transplant process, people have a permanent and natural appearance. At the same time, the popularity of beard shaping is increasing with the beard transplant process.

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Beard Transplant Cost Turkey

About Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey

In order to have sufficient knowledge about beard transplantation, people should consult with an expert in this field. Since there are some variables in beard transplant prices, naturally the price can also change. In order to obtain clear information about the price, people need to go through a comprehensive examination. There are factors that change the price. 

Situations Needing Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation is needed due to sparseness on beard area due to personal and environmental factors. This problem may arise in cases of genetic predisposition. If the rate of sparse beard is high in the family, the risk of sparse beard on person increases more.

Who Can Do Beard Transplantation?

Beards should be considered to develop until the age of 24. This method can be used for beard problems that may occur after the age of 24. Another important condition for the application of beard transplantation to the person is the general health status of the person. The health condition of the person must be favorable for the operation to be performed.

Methods Used in Beard Transplantation

The method applied by specialist physicians in beard transplantation is as follows.

• DHI technique.

Since the FUE technique requires opening canal, the FUE transplantation is not applied on beard. In FUE technique, with the help of specially developed tools surgical incisions are made. In the DHI method, the recovery time is also very short and surgical incisions are not done. For these reasons, this method seems to be preferred more.

Can a beard be planted on burns and scars?

Today, beard transplantation can be done on scars and burns in beard areas. However, the examination of a specialist is needed for the place where beard transplantation will be performed. The technique and the number of grafts to be used in this area are important. Considering these issues, the negative appearance is eliminated by beard transplantation on burned and wounded areas. With this process, scar problems are eliminated as well as the sparseness in the beard of the people.

Things to Know Before Beard Transplantation

Beard transplant operation is important and there are some issues that people should pay attention to. For a successful operation, necessary information should be given to the patient by a specialist. Before the beard transplantation, the beard analysis of the people is done. The specialist makes the necessary examinations and the area to be transplanted is determined. If people who have beard transplants use alcohol or tobacco, they should stop their consumption from this stage.

Otherwise, these issues may cause negative situations during beard transplantation and prolong the healing process. In addition, people should not take blood thinners before the beard transplant operation. It is important to keep the area to be transplanted clean and to avoid chemical cosmetic products. 

Beard transplant price varies according to our packages. Please contact us to get detailed information.

Since the healthy hair follicles to be planted will be taken from you and transplanted to a different planting area, the planting process is permanent. The only thing that needs to be known and followed here is that you follow our doctor’s recommendations without any problems.

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