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FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey, Istanbul

fue hair transplant in turke istanbul

With the development of technology in every sector, different techniques are used in the field of health and beauty today. FUE hair transplant method is one of these techniques. People with hair loss and baldness problems search the FUE hair transplantation method. This method can create a permanent solution to the problems of people with baldness.

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FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey, Istanbul

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It is a hair transplant technique that has been used for many years. It has only been better known in our country for the last ten years. The person who wants to get the hair transplant method should first contact our clinic and make a hair transplant appointment. Afterwards, the patient comes to our clinic on the day and time to be given to him, and some necessary examinations are performed. Then, if the person is suitable for this treatment method, the FUE hair transplant technique is applied.

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

The fact that the hair is dense and lush and easy to shape is a situation that everyone likes, whether male or female. Because hair, which is the complement of the outer appearance, causes the person to see himself better and to feel better psychologically. It is a fact that the better our hair looks, the more handsome, beautiful and attractive we see ourselves .

Therefore, people who have an appearance of hair loss and baldness come to our clinic and request professional support from us. We first explain the FUE hair transplant technique to the people who come to our clinic and inform them that the method can be successful and positive results can be obtained in a long run.

With the FUE hair transplant technique, we can cover the current open areas in hair in men or women. The biggest cause of hair loss in women is iron deficiency. In men, hereditary characteristics and hormonal factors are effective in hair loss. We first perform hair analysis on patients who come to our clinic.

Then, we do some tests to determine the underlying cause of hair loss. Afterwards, if the person is found suitable for this treatment method, we conduct the necessary scalp examinations for hair transplantation. We determine the donor area to be taken from the person’s hair by determining the structure of the hair and the area where the shedding is intense. We evaluate the quality of the hair follicles in this process.

What are the FUE Hair Transplant Operation Steps?

In our clinic, we first design the front hairline of the person to be treated. This step is for the person to reach a more natural-looking hair structure after the operation. After the front hairline is designed, the stage of designing the part of the hair to be used as a donor begins. This hair transplant technique usually consists of 4 stages. In the first stage, we shave the part of the hair from which the donor will be taken.

After passing this stage, the part where the hair follicles are taken is numbed with local anesthesia. In the second stage of the technique, the hair on the nape is collected one by one with the micromotor technique. The hair on the nape doesn’t fall out easily. Therefore, donor hair can be collected from that part. It can take an average of two hours to collect the hair follicle.

The collected hair follicles are kept in a special solution and the scalp of our patient is anesthetized. When the numbness is fully realized, the hair follicles that we keep in the solution are transferred one by one to the patient with special tipped steel instruments. This application is completed in 7 hours.

What are the Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation?

FUE hair transplantation has many advantages. Since it is a method that is open to development all over the world, the satisfaction rate of the people who have the procedure is high. The most advantageous aspect of the procedure we apply in our clinic is the rapid recovery after the procedure. No stitches are used in this application. The patient can easily return to their daily lives on the same day.

Regardless of the hair transplant technique, hair transplants last a lifetime. The only thing that matters here is that the grafts should be taken care of very well in the first 10 days.

FUE method transplantation uses the grafts taken from donor area that frames above the ears and the back of the head. Using a Sapphire tip, a FUE tool opens channels and manually creates hair roots one by one, and the grafts are placed in the roots one by one using a punch.

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