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DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey, Istanbul

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey, Istanbul

DHI hair transplantation without abbreviation: Direct Hair Implantation technique makes it possible to heal in a shorter time compared to other hair transplantation techniques. Therefore, it is more in demand. During the procedure we apply in our hair transplantation center, the hairy areas of the person are not damaged and the area used as a donor shows a rapid recovery after the procedure.

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DHI Hair Transplant Cost, Price

Today, hair loss is a health problem experienced by almost every individual. Especially hair loss is one of the health problems that both men and women suffer from. In this regard, experts generally emphasize that the underlying cause of hair loss should be determined and treatment options should be evaluated accordingly. We first analyze the hair of the people who apply to our hair transplantation center and apply the process step by step with the appropriate examinations.

Therefore, when we determine the underlying cause of the person’s hair loss, our personalized treatment options also give successful results. DHI hair transplantation technique has been successfully applied in all countries of the world for many years. It’s applied correctly in our country in recent years, it gives successful results. By contacting our clinic, you can make a DHI hair transplant appointment and get the necessary information.

In our clinic, the suitability of your scalp for the procedure is evaluated by our specialist friends, who are experienced in the field, after some examinations. The patient, who is deemed suitable, goes to the preliminary preparation stage so that he does not feel pain and ache for the procedure. During this stage, every detail that the patient needs to know before and after the procedure is fully conveyed.

DHI hair transplantation technique is more advantageous in terms of successful results compared to other hair transplantation methods. Therefore, this method is frequently preferred by people who have problems with density.

After the procedure, the person can achieve a natural-looking hair structure in a short time. The main point that the person should pay attention to in these transplantation methods is what kind of hair structure and appearance will be after the operation. Therefore, DHI hair transplantation technique promises hair that provides a natural appearance to the person.

The hair follicles of our patients who come to our hair transplant clinic and the donor area are evaluated first. Then the hair transplantation process begins. The rate of hair loss in the person, the structure of the hair follicle, the condition of the hair in the area to be used as a donor are examined. After all these evaluations, our specialists apply local anesthesia to the patient for hair transplantation. Thus, the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. 

The hair follicles to be donated from the nape are collected one by one. We keep the follicles in a special solution during the procedure. Before proceeding to the transfer phase, we numb the patient’s scalp with local anesthesia. After the donor stage passes, we transfer the follicles to the scalp of the person with the support of micro-tips. This transfer process can take up to 6 hours.

What are the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

With the DHI hair transplant method, the person can return to their daily activities in a short time. Because after this procedure, the recovery process of the patient is also fast. In the DHI hair transplant method, the hair is transferred without the need to open small channels on the scalp of the person. Therefore, our patient does not have future problems after the procedure.

Hair is usually taken from the back or sides of the head.

Our prices are not determined by the number of grafts. You can contact us for detailed information about our packages!

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