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Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey, Istanbul

female hair transplant

Hair loss is seen on women due to hormonal changes, stress, depression, and unhealthy diet. This may cause baldness in certain parts of the skull or as a whole. Of course, the appearance of the hair is extremely important for women. Therefore, when it comes to baldness, most women attempt to examine the hair transplant process.

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In addition, the hair transplant process for women works differently than men. After the hair is completely scraped in men, donor collection becomes simpler and the procedure is done after that. Complete scraping is not possible in women. Instead, an area is determined by the nape and hair follicles are collected from there. The collected hair follicles are planted in areas with baldness.

Hair transplantation for women is mostly provided using the FUE technique. There is no pain sensation during this procedure. During the application of the technique, the hair that is intended to be transplanted is taken from the nape and added to the non-haired parts to regulate the distribution of the hair. In this way, the appearance of the hair becomes aesthetic and useful.

Hair transplantation generally takes between six and eight hours. So it is a single session application. The operation consists of three stages: collecting the hair follicles, opening the channel in the area to be applied, and finally placing the roots in the opened channels. While the first and third parts of these stages take a long time, the channel opening is done in as little as an hour. After the operation, the patient is called for controls.

When it comes to this stage, the ten-day time frame is important. At first, conditions such as swelling and redness can be seen in the forehead area. This is very normal. After the first three days are completed, the hair washing process should be done very carefully. At the end of ten days, it is seen that the patients continue their daily life in their normal course.

The Importance of Front Hairline in Women

After hair loss, deterioration occurs at the border formed by the hair on the face. Because the hair starts with the opening on the forehead first. Therefore, the main goal during this treatment is to re-establish this border. The importance of the front hairline in women is explained by drawing three boundaries. We denote the upper border line by the frontal hairline, and the edges by the temporal hairline.

If there is a small border in the hair that starts on the upper part of the forehead, the procedure to be followed is simpler than a skull with complete shedding. Thanks to the front hairline, it becomes very easy to process. If the hair in the front part is completely lost, care should be taken when determining the frontal, temporal and frototemporal hair alignments.
It is necessary to achieve the closest result to the appearance of the hair before shedding. For this purpose, the distance from the middle of the eyebrows to the upper hairline should be determined. This measure has a standard. A height between 6.5-8 cm for men and 5.5-6.6 cm for women is taken as basis. The main reason for this game is that it changes according to the size of the face.

During the determination of the frontal hairline, it is one of the most important issues to learn about the adequacy of the hair follicles taken from the nape, the shape and dimensions of the face and skull according to the patient, the age and gender of the patient, and finally what the patient’s expectations are in the hair transplant operation. 

After all these criteria are considered and evaluated, the frontal hairline is treated. In addition, after starting the measurements for the frontal hairline, the main critical process is entered. The fact that a three-dimensional drawing is being made does not remove even the slightest mistake. Hair transplantation stages are important because a very small measurement error can cause a shift in asymmetry.

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