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Prosthesis Placement Guide

Things to Considered After Posthesis Placement

  • Do not eat for a few hours after the prosthesis is placed.
  • Do not consume excessively hot food and drinks for the first 24 hours after prosthesis placement.
  • It is normal to develop sensitivity in the first few days after prosthesis placement. Painkillers can be used if this sensitivity causes discomfort.
  • Do not try to break the shells of shelled foods such as hazelnuts and walnuts with your prosthesis. Your prostheses may show brittleness in the face of such harsh forces.
  • Newly-made prostheses may feel unfamiliar at first. This will pass over time.
  • After the dentures are placed, the old oral care should be continued as it was. Care should be taken in brushing and using dental floss

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