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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment is a dental treatment used to treat the infection in the center of the tooth. Root canal treatment is not a painful procedure, on the contrary, if a tooth needs to be extracted completely, in some cases, root canal treatment can completely save a tooth from this situation.

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Root Canal Treatment

About Root Canal Treatment

When Is Root Canal Treatment Needed?

Root canal treatment may be required if there is a bacterial sign in your X-ray results. If the tooth enamel is infected by bacteria, it can become inflamed, causing the bacteria to multiply and spread.

Pulp Infection Symptoms;

Pain when eating or drinking something hot or cold
Pain when biting or chewing
A loose tooth

In the advanced stages of the infection, as the dental pulp progresses to a worse condition, these symptoms are no longer seen. So you may think that your tooth is getting better, but actually the situation is getting worse;

Swelling of the gums near the infected tooth
Pyorrhea from the infected tooth
Cheek or chin swelling
Tooth darkening

The dental pulp does not heal on its own. If you feel pain in your tooth, you should consult a dentist directly. In cases where the infection in your tooth progresses, root canal treatment may no longer prevent this condition. Although the drugs used for bacterial infections do not act like root canal treatment, they can stop the infection that may spread around the infected tooth, but root canal treatment is the only solution.

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dental Treatment advantages

Perfect Appearance

It looks like your own teeth and creates a natural tooth feel

Fluent Speech

Dental treatments prevent dentures from causing mispronunciation

Perfect Tooth Root

Like the root of a tree, your tooth roots are attached to your jaw

Ease of Eating

It allows you to eat food without much effort and pain


Dental treatments bring you back your old smile and give you self-confidence

Mouth Health

Dental treatments allow you to have new teeth without damaging the adjacent teeth with a natural tooth skeleton placed on them


Dental treatments can be used for a long time, even for a lifetime, when oral hygiene rules are followed


Dental treatments prevent inconveniences in removing dentures

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The main thing to know is that cleaning teeth does not have to hurt! Cleaning a tooth can be completely painless and easy.

A dental decontamination can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. During this time, you will be lying on your back in a comfortable dentist’s chair while we examine your teeth.


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Root Canal Treatment
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