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Composite Veneers in Turkey, Istanbul

Compozite Lamina

Composite lamina is a dental veneer technique performed by dentists. It is a method that is applied in case of missing teeth, discoloration or darkening of the teeth, or crooked teeth. This method is a surgical operation performed only by dentists.

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Compozite Lamina

About Composite Veneers

How Long Does Composite Lamina Last?

Composite lamina is an application that maintains its durability for a long time. However, this durability process varies depending on the technique used by the dentists performing the operation and the tooth structure of the people. Depending on these details, it lasts up to 4 or 8 years. In order to maintain the long-term durability of the composite lamina application, attention should also be paid to tooth cleaning.

Does Composite Lamina Damage Teeth?

Composite lamina application is not an application that harms the teeth when the correct techniques are used. It does not harm the main structure of the teeth or tooth enamel. However, if the necessary maintenance is not done regularly during the process, both the durability process decreases and some decays may occur in the main teeth.

Why Should Composite Lamina Be Preferred, What Are Its Features?

It is a painless method because it is a process applied on the composite lamina tooth structure. At the same time, it is definitely not obvious when viewed from the outside and looks like a person’s own teeth. 

Some of the reasons why composite lamina application is preferred are as follows;

• It has a very aesthetic appearance, it is not obvious that there is an application on the teeth.
• It is easy to use, it is enough to follow daily teeth cleaning routines regularly.
• It can be used for a long time and is resistant to abrasion.
• Composite laminate coatings are highly resistant to tea, coffee or acidic beverages.

At the same time, it protects the main tooth structure against other external factors. Since this procedure is performed without the need for anesthesia, except when necessary, the feeling of pain is low during the application.

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