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Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is a big business, however, nowadays it is best known for teeth whitening, there still are some other esthetic treatments for our smile that makes us confused. Although these treatments are not really necessary for health usually people highly prefer them for aesthetic appearance and self-confidence. Even though these preferred esthetic treatments are more expensive than other treatments, they generally make a big difference in the way the patient looks and feels.


Orthodontics dentistry is a treatment that is designed to straighten the teeth and it is no longer only for young ages. You have probably heard of clear Invisalign braces, also known as clear aligners that sit on top of the teeth. Everyone should know that there is no more age limit for wearing braces nowadays.

The new generation of dentists is mostly moving away from invasive procedures such as veneers and turning more towards teeth starting. Easily removable braces are more suitable for milder teeth-straightening cases, whereas fixed braces can be a better option for more severe cases. However, with the recent developments, Invisalign braces can treat very difficult cases.

Although they are not completely invisible, as the name is suggesting. They are not metal but you should wear them 22 hours a day. However, If they sit in their boxes they won’t do miracles.

Everyone is suitable for dental orthodontics, but if the patient has gum disease or serious bone loss, the teeth should not be moved otherwise they can literally fall off.

It should be mentioned that this orthodontic treatment will only help for straightening and it is only part of the designing process of your smile the shape of your teeth will not change.


With bonding, resin pieces are added to the corners of teeth to make them look smoother. This treatment also doesn’t have any age limits, however, the teeth need to be fairly straight as much as possible because bonding would not make crowded teeth to appear very start.

Bonding is among the easiest and least expensive dental treatments. The composite resin can be shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth. It is often used for cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance of discolored or chipped teeth.

A procedure usually takes around 30 minutes to one hour to complete. If you need the treatment for more than one tooth you will need to schedule other visits. Usually, Anesthesia is not necessary unless the bonding is to fill decayed teeth.

The composite resin bonding is usually not as strong as the natural teeth. Biting on your nails or chewing ice or pencils might break this material used on your teeth. Bonding usually stays for several years until it needs a repair but this depends on how much composite has been done on your teeth and your oral hygiene habits.

Dental Crowns (Veneer)

A veneer is a new topping surface made out of ceramic or porcelain specifically for teeth. It is used for renewing chipped, pitted, or broken teeth, for lengthening teeth, for teeth discoloration such as dental fluorosis (when the usual teeth whitening doesn’t work), and for various cosmetic reasons, it is an alternative to orthodontics to provide a homogeneous smile appearance.

The process usually takes a couple of weeks from the consultation to the placement procedure. Before the molds are sent to the technician, there will be a consultation and a mockup to see what the teeth will look like. The next step, possibly including drilling the teeth will be prepared; tooth enamel will be smoothed to ensure effective bonding. The technician will then prepare your actual veneer (while wearing temporary ones) which will be ready to be placed in around two weeks. On average veneers will last for about 10 years but this depends completely on the way the patient takes care of their teeth.

Cosmetic teeth reshaping (Dental contouring)

Dental contouring is basically reshaping the teeth. It is used to fix minor defects such as small chips, roughness, slight overlaps, and abraded bite surfaces. How?  A couple of pictures will be taken from the patient to show the teeth defects, and then the teeth will be reshaped with polishing equipment. As for this type of treatment only the outer layer of the enamel is touched, local anesthesia will not be needed and the result will be obtained after one procedure.

Contours are not for everyone. Of course, if it would injure or affect the patient’s bites, styling is not recommended. As with everything else, there are risks and limitations. In case too much enamel is removed this may cause teeth decay or can break the teeth, but it is very rare.

Dental reshaping with laser

There has been great progress in the use of lasers in many areas. Cosmetic art would not go anywhere without the help of its magic wand also called a diode laser. Many people find that when they smile too much of their gums is seen or that the line of their gums is uneven, lasers can correct these sorts of problems by reshaping or lifting the palate. The result is a symmetrical gum line and a more even smile. It can also be used to remove the fraenum, a band of tissue that can cause spaces between the teeth. A prominent frenulum can also cause recession of the gum on top of the teeth.

Laser shaping is a fast treatment with a low pain alternative compared to standard dental treatments, requiring little or no local anesthesia. It minimizes the need for stitches and maximizes the healing process, this application is cauterized immediately when the tissue is cut so there is only a little bleeding or none.

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