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Is it healthy to use the teeth whitening strips?

Everyone wants to have brighter and whiter teeth while smiling when their teeth appear. This may be a big dream for many people to reduce or completely remove the stains that have been formed on their teeth after years of consuming tea, coffee, or cigarettes. Teeth-whitening strips are one of the solutions that have been introduced to people to achieve this dream. Although they are a better option than the other products in that their content is unknown and sold through e-commerce, there are also some disadvantages to the teeth whitening strips.

What are teeth whitening strips?

 Strips made of a flexible plastic material covered with a thin layer of whitening gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are called teeth whitening strips. The strips need to be applied to the teeth’ surface by pressing the gel side. Leaving the strip on the teeth and waiting a while allows the gel to penetrate. This process needs to be carried out in a certain period. For some brands, it is recommended to use the strips every day for two weeks, some for three weeks, and some others are suitable to use once in the morning and once in the evening. This can vary according to the intensity of the bleaching medium and the amount that the product includes.

Although it might seem like an easy and low-cost solution for a teeth whitening treatment, there are some problems and disadvantages that can occur. It is necessary to be aware of these problems before using these teeth whitening strips.

  • Irregular Whiteness of Teeth

No matter how much time and effort you put in because the strip doesn’t get the shape of the teeth completely it is impossible to apply the same amount of whitening gel to your teeth. With the whitening strips, it is much easier to apply the gel in much even way all over the teeth,  however, there is still the possibility that some spots don’t get the same amount of whitening gel, areas that are lower or higher or at some corners, these spots may remain yellow.

  • Gum Problems

Although these teeth whitening strips contain much softer chemical substances than the whitening gels used by the dentists, there is a big chance that they will harm your gums. It is necessary to avoid the contact of the strips with the gum however, it is very difficult to use them in a way that both cover all the teeth and does not come in contact with the gum. In this case, it is possible to cut the strips into the shape of the teeth but this might be a little challenging. For this reason, you should be aware of the fact that teeth whitening strips will damage your gums, and that you should pay great attention to your gum care during the use of teeth whitening strips. If you have any chronic gum problems we do recommend that you should consult with your dentist before using the teeth whitening strips.

  • Tooth Sensitivities

Although teeth whitening strips are not used very often and if it is used as it is prescribed they won’t have any big harm to your health but if they are used excessively it will cause sensitivity to your teeth and in some cases might cause permanent damage of the teeth. Excessive use of the teeth whitening gels can cause abrasion and harm to the enamel of the teeth and in the worst case in the long term not only causes sensitivity but may also cause toothache or tooth decay or tooth loss. To avoid all these, first of all, you need to take approval from your dentist before starting to use the teeth whitening strips. If there is no possible sensitivity or rotten teeth or any disease in your gums, there will be no problem using the whitening strips as long as you follow the instructions recommended for the treatment and the treatment time with the frequency of the use.

Should I use teeth whitening strips?

Although teeth whitening strips are known as one of the cheapest and most effective ways to remove the stains and yellowish colors of the teeth, the result doesn’t last for the long term and does have other risks. While dental veneers and other professional whitening treatments might cost more, the risks are much less and they prevent the teeth from stains and yellow color in long term. If you don’t have that much budget or if you want to give the teeth whitening strips a try before you start any other treatments, it is best for your oral and dental health to first make an appointment with your dentist and ask for their recommendation.

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