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Single Tooth Replacement

Single Tooth Replacement

A single missing tooth can be seen in many people today. If a single tooth is missing, especially in the front teeth, it can negatively affect your smile and cause a lack of self-confidence. In addition to disrupting an aesthetic appearance, missing teeth make it difficult to eat and talk.

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Single Tooth Replacement

About Single Tooth Replacement

After the examination and treatment planning, our dentists place an implant in the required area. While the area where the implant is placed is preparing for the permanent crown, that is, during the healing process, a temporary crown is given to you, so you will not be without teeth while your permanent crown is being prepared.

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dental Treatment advantages
Perfect Appearance

It looks like your own teeth and creates a natural tooth feel

Fluent Speech

Dental treatments prevent dentures from causing mispronunciation

Perfect Tooth Root

Like the root of a tree, your tooth roots are attached to your jaw

Ease of Eating

It allows you to eat food without much effort and pain


Dental treatments bring you back your old smile and give you self-confidence

Mouth Health

Dental treatments allow you to have new teeth without damaging the adjacent teeth with a natural tooth skeleton placed on them


Dental treatments can be used for a long time, even for a lifetime, when oral hygiene rules are followed


Dental treatments prevent inconveniences in removing dentures

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